Our Story

Mega Vision is a fortune 5000 company that has consistently evolved over the years.  What started out as a small manufacturing operation, geared specifically towards manufacturing for retail design firms, has grown into an organization capable of highly detailed and customized projects.  Mega Vision is a full-service corporation responsible for the installation, fabrication and delivery of high-end fixtures.  Our ambition to be one of the greenest and most highly efficient operations is what keeps us relevant in this competitive landscape.  We utilize advanced CNC machinery so that the manufacturing process can operate even when our workers cannot.  Accuracy can be held to thousandths of an inch.  The intercommunication between each of our departments – from project managers to interior designers and architects – insures that our high-end products are made according to their blueprints.  There is no job too complex or difficult for us to handle.

Our History

Mega Vision began its reign over 30 years ago.  As a small manufacturer for retail design firms, our organization found new and innovative ways to grow and develop our reach.  We were once considered “the little guy,” but with so many years of experience under our belt – and a large portfolio of satisfied clients, including Tommy Hilfiger, Coach and Macys – Mega Vision has established itself as a market leader.  We control the entire development process, and that’s what makes the scope of our work limitless.  Our projects are bound only by the constraints of our clients’ creativity.  Our ability to produce highly customized fixtures is what makes us the number one source for visual merchandising buyers.

Michael Chiriac, President and owner of Mega Vision, isn’t solely responsible for the success of his organization – he had a lot of help along the way – but without his hard work and dedication in the early years, none of the accomplishments that Mega Vision has achieved in the past few decades would have ever came to fruition.

Michael Chiriac is the epitome of a man pursuing “The American Dream.” In 1972, he saw the chance of a lifetime and left his hometown in Romania to go to the US. On December 19th, he touched down on US soil – just in time for the holidays. His first job was on the assembly line building cars at a Chrysler plant. He worked hard for nearly two years before joining the Navy and serving our great country. After four years of active duty, he returned back to the States and sought out a way to make a living. It was 1981 when he started M & D Displays, which laid down the foundation for Mega Vision. When the decision to rebrand took place in 1997, the industry exploded. Mega Vision has since experienced one success after another, and if history is any indication of the direction in which this company is going – and we feel it does – the horizon will always be filled with opportunity.