State of the Art Factory and Machinery

Mega Vision is responsible for employing over 85 employees, as well as integrating cutting edge technology with the care and detail of old-world craftsmanship.  Occupying 80,000 square feet, Mega Vision’s production facilities are located in Bushwick, Brooklyn—a thriving, new creative hub in New York City.  Our metal plant uses the finest shearing, bending, roll forming machinery, and state-of-the-art laser cutting equipment. Our wood, acrylic, and plastic production processes employ the latest industry techniques supported by stringent quality control. Prototypes are created quickly, but with painstaking attention to detail.  Our CNC machines, Venier Press, Wood Cutters, and Laser Cutting Machines not only keep us competitive, but give us the ability to craft works of art that otherwise could never have been created.  In the event that your company doesn’t have the space to manage and stock the fixtures you will need for future business ventures, our 15,000 square foot warehouse has more than enough space to hold it for you.  On top of our current facilities, President Michael Chiriac is always looking to increase his domain and purchase additional storage houses to ensure secure national and international distribution.

Some of the advanced machinery that we utilize includes, but is not limited to CNC Machinery, Vanier Presses, Wood Cutters, and Laser Cutting Machines.

The CNC machine we use is the Vantage 43M Model. It is a flat table CNC machine that conducts a full gamut of duties such as drilling, routing, sawing and grooving.

Our Vanier Press is one of the best – an Italpresse XL. This company is one of the largest Italian Manufaturers of presses and pressing plants for the woodworking, plastic and composite material industry. Italpresse only hires highly qualified individuals with over 12 percent of their workers being degreed and Phd graduates.

Their machines raise productivity by up to 30 percent and are constantly monitored and connected to their online informational system which diagnoses and troubleshoots issues as they unfold.

The Holzma Wood Cutter that Mega Vision has in their possession incorporates technology that increases savings in energy up to 20%. Increased cutting performance has been achieved with a new saw carriage design and an improved pressure beam with linear guide has significantly decreased wear and tear. The built in dust extraction system also help to keep energy consumption levels low.

These top of the line machines help keep projects moving along while also providing a greener alternative to previous methods of operation.

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